What is the Subaru Badge of Ownership?

The Badge of Ownership program is an exclusive FREE program that allows Subaru owners to share their stories about their lives and the fun things they have experienced driving their Subaru vehicles            .

How Does it Work?

1. Visit the Badge of Ownership site to begin and select -- Build Badge

2. Each Subaru Badge starts with a number reflecting how many Subaru vehicles you have owned. Whether this is your first Subaru or tenth, we want you to show your passion to the brand. Select a 'Loyalty Number' in the right-hand column to begin building your Badge. 

3. If you would like to further personalize your Badge, select 'Lifestyle Icons' on the upper right hand side of the page. You will then be able to select as many of these Badges as you please. There are now over 50 you can choose from!

4. When you are finished ordering your Badge, select -- Order and begin the checkout process. You will need to provide Subaru with some information, like your contact info and VIN to complete this process.

5. In about 5-6 weeks, you will be pleasantly surprised with a Badge of Ownership box personalized for you! There will be instructions included on how to correctly apply the Badge to your car.