How Do I Know My Subaru Needs a Recall?

A good way to find out about crucial Subaru safety recalls is to look upon your Subaru through our vehicle recall portal right here on our website at Montgomery Subaru. Simply enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) and the system will look up your exact new or used Subaru to check for important recalls. The VIN can be found on your registration, the original title to your Subaru, or located in the owner's manual. If you are unable to locate the VIN through these methods, give us a call at Montgomery Subaru and we will happily look it up for you. Our dealership is proudly serving Hoover.

Important Recalls Require Attention

While Subaru models are highly dependable and built to last, sometimes errors happen during the manufacturing process and different products used in the production of Subaru models in the past might affect its present quality. When a defective part is installed, it can often constitute a major safety issue, which is why the product must be recalled and replaced with something more dependable. While these recalls do not happen as often among Subaru models, they must be addressed, which is why we here at Montgomery Subaru, we make it easy for you to stay on-top of vehicle recalls whether you live nearby or out in Birmingham, AL. Your safety and satisfaction are quite important to us and the Subaru Motor Company, so if you notice your Subaru has a product or products that must be recalled, schedule a service appointment and come see us here at Montgomery Subaru so that our service center technicians can find and fix the recalled part at no cost to you!

When Recalls Happen, Come See Us

Use our handy portal to stay on top of important safety recalls. While many of our new and used Subaru models are depended-on top safety picks, things can fall through the cracks from time to time, so if a Subaru product or part is shown to be defective, do not wait. Schedule a service appointment and bring your Subaru in to us at Montgomery Subaru in Montgomery, AL. We are less than a half hour-drive outside of Prattville!

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