Are you looking for fast, convenient service on your Subaru vehicle? At Montgomery Subaru, we offer professional Subaru service and repairs on all makes and models, allowing us to diagnose any issue and get it addressed and completed in the fastest manner possible, so you don't have to skip a beat in your busy schedule. From routine maintenance to sudden repairs, we have the experience, tools and genuine Subaru parts to get your vehicle back to like new condition in no time.

Are you in need of an oil change in Montgomery, AL? With the colder months upon us, now is a great time to get your oil changed. We're happy to change the oil on any make or model vehicle, allowing you to properly protect and keep your engine lubricated when the colder temperatures start to affect your vehicle. Your motor oil catches the dirt and debris in the air and filters it out before it can make its way into the many moving components of your engine. Rather than allow your engine to lose performance, we invite you to get your oil changed today.

After a long, hot summer, your front tires might be looking worn out. Having worn out front tires will prevent you from getting the most out of your vehicle in terms of steering, accelerating and stopping. Rather than buy new tires, we suggest rotating your tires in our service center. Rotating your rear tires up to the front not only provides you with better performance out of your vehicle, it also prolongs the use of your tires so you can save instead of spend your money on a new set.

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If you're in need of servicing or repairs, we invite you to schedule an appointment online and choose a date and time that's most convenient for you so we can get your vehicle back on the road in like new condition again.

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