For drivers in Montogomery who enjoy both comfort and adventure, the Subaru Outback is perhaps the perfect choice. This mid-sized SUV offers plenty of power and performance but also offers a range of comfort and convenience features, including safety systems and new technology.

The Subaru Outback allows drivers to explore the Tuskegee area easily and makes every adventure a thrill thanks to a powerful Subaru Boxer engine. Not only does this engine have the performance capabilities to take on even the most rugged terrain, but it also makes the vehicle efficient, saving drivers money when it comes to refueling. Also, the Outback features all-wheel drive as a standard feature on every model. This feature gives drivers more stability, control, and traction, whether they're tackling rough terrain off-road or taking on slippery or icy terrain in a more urban setting near Prattville.

The Subaru Outback also ensures that every drive is safe and comfortable. Interior features such as USB charging ports make it easy to power devices on the go. Also, the Outback offers more than 75 cubic feet of cargo space, so packing all of the necessities is no problem when you're planning a long trip.

Important safety features in the Subaru Outback also offer drivers and passengers peace of mind. The LED headlights can feature steering responsiveness, which helps drivers see around curves more quickly and easily. A high beam assist system also automatically dims the high beams when another vehicle approaches, increasing visibility for both Auburn drivers. Meanwhile, drivers can also take advantage of the Outback's 180-degree front view monitor. This system scans the area and alerts drivers to any potential hazards to reduce the risk of collisions.

Visit us at Montgomery Subaru today and let us answer any other questions about the Subaru Outback you might have. You can also arrange for a test drive to experience everything the vehicle has to offer.

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