Excellent Performance

If performance is the top attribute in a vehicle for you, you need to come over to Montgomery Subaru to check out the new Subaru Forester. The engine in the Forester is a Subaru Boxer engine which cranks out enough power to take you through all types of terrain. You are also given an all-wheel drive that makes wintertime in Tuskegee easy as your Forester will be able to take all weather conditions that your average Vehicle may not be able to handle as easy as a Subaru.

Safety for Everyone

StarLink Safety and Security- With this safety system, you will be able to automatically connect to first responders in your area by hitting the SOS button in your Forester.

All-around Awareness- This program is packed with great safety features like rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot detection, and a rear vision camera so you can view all obstacles behind you.

DriverFocus- DriverFocus is designed to detect the moment you become tired or distracted while driving. If the detection is made, you will be provided with a series of audible and visual warnings for your safety in Prattville.

Innovative Technology

With StarLink Multimedia, you can gain instant access to all of your favorite in-vehicle apps like Android Auto, Pandora, and Apple CarPlay. You and your passengers can also sync your device to the Forester by using the in-vehicle Bluetooth options. Once your device is synced, you can access your phone's playlists instantly while driving around Auburn.

The new Subaru Forester here at Montgomery Subaru comes with a 4G LTE WiFi hotspot that can connect up to a maximum of eight devices at a time while streaming movies and downloading ask your favorite games.

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