The COVID-19 crisis has left hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work, resulting in a larger need than ever before for food donations for families and individuals around the country. That's why Subaru is teaming up with Feeding America, the largest hunger relief organization in the country, to donate 50 million meals to those in need. At Montgomery Subaru, we're helping to donate meals to local food banks in the area, including 40,347 meals to the Montgomery Area Food Bank. Through the partnership with Feeding America, over 250,000 meals are being donated in the state of Alabama alone, helping many families in need to stay healthy and safe.

This partnership with Feeding America is part of the Subaru Love Promise to support communities and many different people in need throughout the country. With a network of 633 retailers around the country and 200-plus Feeding America food banks spanning cities and towns in America, Subaru is dedicated to helping everyone in need during the COVID-19 situation. Just here in Alabama, the initiative is helping provide over 250,000 meals, including over 40,000 meals to drivers around Tuskegee and Auburn. If you want to help contribute to helping to feed those in need around Prattville, you can visit us at Montgomery Subaru to donate. Every donation will help to feed those in our community, keeping everyone in need healthy and safe during this crisis.

For More Information, Contact Us Online or Visit Montgomery Subaru to Make a Donation

At Montgomery Subaru, we're committed to helping everyone in need during these confusing times. To learn more, we invite anyone that wants to help to contact us online, over the phone or in person at Montgomery Subaru and we'll make sure that your donation goes to helping our community get through this hard time.

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