Don't Delay in Scheduling an Appointment to Address Vehicle Recalls

Subaru has an unwavering commitment to vehicle and passenger safety, a commitment backed by several industry awards and accolades. That continuing commitment also means rigorous self-assessment to analyze every part of the manufacturing process, and how it can improve.

Vehicle recalls are issued when Subaru identifies potential problems, and it's imperative to schedule these no-cost repairs as soon as possible.

Why Recalls are So Important

Subaru only issues a recall when serious issues--affecting thousands of vehicles--are detected. Typically these issues impact the safe operation of your Subaru car or SUV, or their performance in the event of a collision. Subaru understands that many drivers choose Subaru precisely because of its sterling safety reputation, which is why it wastes no time issuing a recall when one is warranted.

Vehicle Recall Repairs are Free of Charge

Subaru covers the cost of all recall service. All you need to do is schedule your appointment at the Montgomery Subaru Service Center, and our expert technicians will fix the issue for free. That's how important it is to get these issues repaired as soon as possible.

Identify any Impending Vehicle Recall in Seconds

All you need to do to see if your Subaru is under recall is enter your 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and click the 'Search' button. Every Subaru that leaves the factory has a unique VIN for this very reason. You can locate your VIN at many different places around your Subaru, or possibly even your state vehicle registration paperwork. You can always contact Montgomery Subaru for more help finding it.

Once it's entered into the search, any recalls will appear and you can schedule an appointment to fix the issue. It's just that easy!

Montgomery Subaru wants every Subaru to be as safe as possible. Schedule your next recall repair appointment today!